Melissa Duijvestijn

Special guest

I am a Dutch autistic and visually impaired musical fanatic and bookworm performing in an amateur musical company and currently recording several musicals on the karaoke app Smule. I am recording as the female lead “I” in the Rebecca the musical recording group #Manderleyagain and understudy Christine in the phantom recording group #Quarentineoftheopera and Meg in #Musicofquarentine. I am currently doing musical related roleplays on Discord as well. “I” in a phantom/Rebecca/heathers/Alice by heart crossover roleplay and Erika (a femme phantom) in a phantom roleplay for example. My introduction to Phantom was the 2004 movie. But I have seen several better phantom films since. Phantom was also my first West End musical. This story is so relatable to me on several levels. As a disabled woman and a performer.

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