In This Labyrinth: Justice From the Heart of The Phantom Of The Opera

Love of Phantom meets love of justice.

Info About the French Concert Production Discussed In Episode 18!

Here’s some info about the in-concert production itself! (Note, this is in French)

And here’s an article from Broadway World about it! (Includes a video of the French-language commercial for the show.)

Here are a bunch of reviews of the show, all of which seem to indicate that it was well received by critics and audiences! (in English) (in French) (also in French) (in French as well) (in French, too)

An article largely focussing on the chap who played Raoul (also in French)

And here are a couple of video-clips from the production. Alas, couldn’t find any of the Title Song or of the hilarious Carlotta. In fact, these two were all I could find. But you may here what I mean about the operatic voices of Christine and the Phantom!!

Anyway, as I said in the episode, I really hope they bring a French-language Phantom back to Canada, preferably as a full production this time! That would be incredibly awesome!! Uh, but I also really hope they take some of the suggestions offered in this episode (number 18), as, IMO, the production would be the better for it. That said, though, the French reviewers above seemed to like many of the elements of the production that I didn’t find worked, particularly the operatic vocal casting and the fact that it used minimal sets and staging. They liked the fact that that put the emphasis on the text and the music without the distraction of elaborate sets.

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